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Emergency Plan

Emergency plan development, emergency response procedures, evacuation diagrams, emergency procedures training, and emergency response exercise program implementation are just some of the services offered by Emergency Plan, either as individual components or as a complete emergency planning compliance package designed to ensure our clients fully meet their emergency planning obligations under AS 3745 - 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities. Emergency Plan operate nationally, including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory.

Emergency Plans

Emergency Plan assists clients to fulfil their statutory and common law 'duty of care' responsibilities through the development of emergency plans that document the emergency arrangements for a facility and detail preparedness, prevention and response activities. Emergency Plans provide information pertaining to emergency roles, responsibilities, strategies and systems.

Emergency Plan Response Procedures

Emergency Plan liaises with facility owners, managers and emergency planning committees to develop and document site-specific Emergency Response Procedures required as a component of an emergency plan. The documented emergency plan procedures are also used to formulate the scope of emergency response procedures training delivered to emergency control organisation members and occupants of a facility.

Emergency Control Organisation Training

Emergency Plan provides a comprehensive emergency procedures training service to ensure all Emergency Control Organisation members are capable of fulfilling their assigned duties. Emergancy Plan developes and implements training programs appropriate to client requirements in conjunction with State and Territory legislation and relevant emergency plan Standards.

Emergency Plan: Evacuation Diagrams

Emergency Plan produces workplace Evacuation Diagrams to display important information such as exits, portable fire fighting equipment, fire/communications panels, evacuation routes, assembly areas, emergency telephone numbers, and brief emergency instructions. Emergency Plan will utilise existing CAD information if it is available, or will undertake site measurements to develop appropriate evacuation diagrams as required by AS 3745 for an emergency plan.

Occupant Online Training - Emergency Plan

For occupants of buildings (with existing training agreements with Emergency Plan) who wish to register for EP the Online Training program, click here.